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what does liquid spray coating

issuing time :2020-02-16

what does liquid spray coating


Water paint is a new environmental protection material with water as diluent, with ultra-low emission. Water paint instead of paint can effectively reduce the VOC content in the atmosphere, and then improve the haze weather.


The water-based paint is harmless to human and not pollute the environment. good effect of paint film, flexible and has the characteristics of water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying and convenient use.

lets talk about the water-based paint you should know.

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Paint has been deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers. Many consumers know little about paint, including some bosses who have been selling paint for more than ten years. The paint can only be moved in one month after brushing. Consumers think that the paint will not be toxic at this time. In fact, this is wrong. There is no pungent smell, but formaldehyde volatilizes to a level acceptable to human physiology. The benzene, toluene and free TDI contained in paint curing agent and diluent are still volatilizing. It will take at least decades for these things to volatilize completely These aromatic substances have a great impact on the intellectual development of infants and unborn children. Free TDI also has the risk of carcinogenesis. In developed countries in Europe, the use of paint has been banned for a long time.


waterborne paint has experienced the following three stages:


The first generation of water-based paint is mainly made of acrylic acid, which has the advantages of good water resistance and weather resistance. Its disadvantages are general comprehensive performance, low chemical performance (for example, poor alcohol and alkali resistance), low hardness, wear resistance and other physical indicators, which is also the reason why most people think the water-based paint is not good.


The second generation of waterborne paint takes the compound of acrylic acid and waterborne polyurethane as the main raw material. It not only inherits the advantages of the first generation of acrylic acid products, such as good weather resistance and construction tolerance, but also improves the hardness of waterborne paint. However, its chemical properties are still relatively low. At present, there are only a few domestic enterprises that can produce it, which is the middle-class product in waterborne paint.

The third generation of waterborne paint takes acrylic modified waterborne polyurethane as the main raw material. On the basis of the second generation of waterborne paint products, the comprehensive performance of the products is greatly improved. The pencil rule test hardness can reach more than 2h, which fully meets the daily needs; the wear resistance even exceeds the oily paint, with obvious advantages in service life and color allocation; More importantly, the chemical properties are stable, and the alcohol and alkali resistance are greatly enhanced compared with the former two. It is a high-grade product of waterborne paint, and this technology is monopolized by a few manufacturers at home and abroad.


Although water-based paint has the advantages of good environmental protection film effect, there is still a certain gap between single component water-based paint and two-component oil-based paint in hardness, high temperature resistance and other properties. For example, it is very easy to show its lack of performance when used on the dining table and floor. This functional defect led to the development of waterborne paint.


The fake two-component water-based paint on the market often emerges one after another. Some small paint factories in the market have begun to launch the so-called two-component water-based paint, which is actually an improved product of paint. Although its hardness has improved a lot, it contains a lot of toxic substances like ordinary paint, which violates the original intention of water-based paint to protect the environment and human health with environmental protection and non-toxic.


development direction


With the pressure of environmental protection policies, consumers' awareness of environmental protection has been constantly improved; especially, provinces and cities around the country have issued VOC emission limit standards, encouraging the use of non solvent coatings, water-based paints and other environmental protection coatings have brought opportunities. Although traditional coatings still occupy a large market share, waterborne paint is a green industry and the future development direction of paint industry. Domestic leading enterprises of waterborne paint are rising

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It is an indisputable fact that the development and market share of waterborne coatings are increasing year by year, and there is a trend of increasing speed. Some enterprises have realized the vast market potential of waterborne paint, and have developed, entered and expanded the market of waterborne paint.


Although the water-based coating is superior to the traditional paint in environmental protection performance, but in physical performance, the water-based coating products have defects such as construction difficulty, water resistance, easy peeling, poor fullness and hardness. Paint is still the first choice for many people to decorate because of its strong hardness, high fullness of paint film, construction tolerance and other characteristics. Only when the defects in physical properties are solved, or even beyond the traditional paint, can consumers choose to use water-based paint more actively. The market of water-based coatings is still difficult to open, because only in the environmental protection performance to cater to consumers, in the construction process, decoration effect can not meet consumers. This requires technical innovation in the performance of water-based paint.




In addition, due to the influence of performance, technology and other factors, the construction tolerance of water-based coating is far worse than that of oil-based wood coating, which often leads to unsatisfactory final film effect. For consumers, what they really buy is not the coating, but the coating effect after the use of the coating. Three paint, seven paint this jargon is used to describe water-based paint is more appropriate. In order to obtain the same degree of coating effect as oil-based wood coatings, water-based coating enterprises need to pay more attention to coating construction technology and operators training. Dealers and friends should consciously improve the professional knowledge and construction technology of water-based paint, ensure the high-quality coating effect after the construction of water-based paint, and recommend the advantages of water-based paint in health and environmental protection to consumers.

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All coatings using water as solvent or dispersing medium can be called water-based paint. The water-based paint includes water-soluble type, water dilution type and water dispersion type (emulsion paint).


Water soluble type

The water-soluble type is represented by water-soluble resin as film-forming material, polyvinyl alcohol and its various modifiers. In addition, there are water-soluble alkyd resin, water-soluble epoxy resin and inorganic high polymer water-based resin.


Water dilution type refers to the paint prepared by the emulsion emulsion for the film-forming material, so that the solvent type resin is dissolved in organic solvents, and then with the help of the emulsifier, the resin is dispersed in the water by the strong mechanical stirring to form the emulsion, which is called post emulsified emulsion, and the paint made can be diluted with water in the construction.


Water dispersive type mainly refers to the paint made of synthetic resin emulsion as film forming material. Emulsion is a dispersed emulsion composed of small particles dispersed in water in the process of mechanical stirring when unsaturated vinyl monomers are polymerized at a certain temperature. Paint with a small amount of emulsion in water soluble resin can not be called latex paint. Strictly speaking, water diluted paint can not be called latex paint, but it is also customarily classified as latex paint.

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Application skills


With more and more contact with the water-based paint to our lives, I think we will not be very unfamiliar with the water-based paint, here are some tips for the use of water-based paint. I hope I can help you.


1. Types and application technology of Waterborne Wood Coatings


Based on the analysis of waterborne wood paint products sold in the market, the application technologies of waterborne wood paint according to the varieties of base materials are roughly divided into the following categories:


(1) acrylate type: styrene acrylic emulsion and acrylate modified emulsion are suitable for priming and matt finish. The coating made of this kind of base material has low relative cost, general hardness and is not easy to produce shrinkage cavity, but its film-forming performance is poor and its gloss is poor, so it is not suitable for high gloss paint. Second, polyurethane dispersions include aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane dispersions, which have excellent yellow resistance and are more suitable for outdoor use. They have good film-forming properties, high self crosslinking luster, good wear resistance, and are not easy to produce bubbles and shrinkage cavities. However, the hardness is general and the price is relatively expensive, which is suitable for making bright finish, floor paint, etc.; acrylic modified polyurethane dispersion: including the mixture of aromatic, aliphatic polyurethane and acrylate dispersion, which has the advantages of the above two types, and the cost is relatively moderate. It can be self crosslinked or used in two-component system, with good hardness, fast drying, wear resistance, good chemical resistance and yellow range Low degree or constant yellow, suitable for bright matt paint, primer, outdoor paint, etc;


Water based urethane oil: it belongs to single component, similar to oil-based urethane oil, oxidation-reduction drying type. When forming the film, it needs to add drier, which is fast drying, good luster, hardness, wear resistance and water resistance, and suitable for bright surface and floor paint; water based two-component polyurethane: one is polyurethane dispersion with - Oh; the other is water-based curing agent, mainly aliphatic. After the two components are mixed, the water resistance, hardness and fullness of the coating can be significantly improved through the crosslinking reaction, and the gloss can also have a certain effect. The comprehensive performance is good, and the coating is not prone to yellowing, which is particularly suitable for outdoor coating.

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2. Product technology status


In terms of packaging, the waterborne wood coatings on the market are divided into single component and two components, of which the single component accounts for the vast majority; in terms of supply, there are original imported products, products produced by foreign brands in China, and products developed and produced by domestic manufacturers themselves. The former two accounted for the majority, while the latter had a small share of sales. Through the analysis and test of foreign brands, joint venture brands and domestic products, the product performance is as follows.


Product appearance: milky white, yellowish, and reddish sticky;


Solid content: generally 30% ~ 45%, much lower than solvent type;


Water resistance: aliphatic polyurethane dispersions and waterborne urethane oil are much better than aromatic / acrylic emulsion types.


Alcohol resistance: its trend is basically the same as water resistance;

Hardness: the lowest is the acrylic emulsion type, the second is the aromatic polyurethane, the aliphatic polyurethane dispersions and the two component polyurethane and urethane oil are the highest, and the hardness will increase gradually with the extension of time, especially the two-component crosslinking type. However, the hardness growth is slow and low, which is far less than solvent type. The hardness of pencil can reach h is very few;


Gloss: it is difficult to achieve the gloss of solvent based wood coatings, which is generally about 20% lower. Among them, two components are higher, while urethane oil and polyurethane dispersions are the second, and acrylic emulsion type is the lowest.

Fullness: due to the influence of solid content, the difference is large, and the solid content is low and the fullness is poor. The higher the solid content is, the better the fullness is. The two component crosslinking is better than the single component, and the acrylic emulsion type is worse.


Wear resistance: urethane oil and two-component crosslinking are the best, followed by polyurethane dispersions, and then acrylic emulsion.


3. Application technology of waterborne polyurethane paint


As a new type of green and environmental protection product, waterborne polyurethane paint has entered the Chinese market only in recent years. Its biggest advantage is that it solves the problem that domestic consumers pay more attention to the fullness, hand feel and hardness of the paint film, heat resistance, scald resistance, alcohol resistance, water resistance and pollution resistance of the paint film;


It breaks through the weakness of water-based wood paint, and the water-based polyurethane paint is not easy to produce bubbles in the construction, easy to polish, and not easy to be affected by the temperature and humidity. In order to comprehensively solve the market application of water-based wood paint, it has laid a solid foundation.


Development trend of waterborne paint

Manufacturing industry is our advantage industry. We need to implement made in China 2025, adhere to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the foundation and green development, and accelerate the transformation from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. Focusing on the strategic goal of achieving a strong manufacturing country, made in China 2025 will vigorously promote breakthroughs and development in key areas, including ten major areas such as new materials represented by waterborne coatings.

Water paint is a new environmental protection material with water as diluent, with ultra-low emission. Water paint instead of paint can effectively reduce the VOC content in the atmosphere, and then improve the haze weather. Therefore, the promotion of water paint is also the mainstream direction of the current paint industry. More insiders strongly say that the era of water paint in China has arrived by the policy of "made in China 2025".


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