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7*24 hour customer service Hotline

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Service Support


Thank you for choosing our products. In addition to providing you with high-quality products, we pay more attention to the sincerity and sincerity and wholehearted service. It is the full service of “Huixinlong” and has won the recognition and support of the users. This is also the key to our ability to be firmly established in the market.

Pre-sales: According to the needs of users, we provide a full range of surface treatment equipment and coating equipment professional consultation, analyze the user's demand situation and working environment, design the product production and processing technology plan that is most suitable for the user;

Selling: Provide users with standardized and systematic professional technical training, popularize surface treatment equipment, painting equipment and related process knowledge, and carry out real machine operation demonstration, provide maintenance common sense consultation, provide one-stop service such as installation and commissioning;

After-sale: According to the user's situation, establish the use and maintenance files of surface treatment equipment and painting equipment, and keep abreast of the user's use status; Huixinlong is dedicated to providing customers with professional consulting services for product update and function improvement, and establishing surface treatment equipment and The coating equipment parts are warehoused to meet the needs of users to replace parts in maintenance; equipped with professional after-sales service team, regular return visits and equipment maintenance for new and old customers.


In order to ensure that your equipment can be better produced and operated, non-standard equipment, hope that the majority of users can cooperate to:

Pre-sales: Send equipment users, management personnel, and craft personnel to understand and participate in equipment selection, and make recommendations and requirements;

On sale: The above personnel participate in the design proposal, supervision, installation and commissioning of the equipment and comprehensive system training;

After-sales: Read the instructions in detail, carefully study the working principle of the equipment, and specialize in special maintenance.


Maintenance commitment

1. The company's equipment is free of charge within one year, lifetime maintenance and technical support;

2. During the adjustment of the equipment, our company will send an electrical or mechanical engineer to Party A to stay in the factory until the equipment of Party A is used normally.
3. Within the warranty period of the equipment, after receiving the complaint from Party A, the maintenance personnel of the factory in the Pearl River Delta region of Party A will arrive at the scene within 10 hours, and the other areas outside Guangdong Province will arrive at the scene within 24 hours;
4. In addition to the equipment warranty period, if the equipment fails, after receiving the feedback from Party A, the maintenance personnel of the Jiafang factory in the Pearl River Delta region will arrive at the scene within 10 hours, and other areas outside Guangdong Province will arrive at the scene within 24 hours. The incurred maintenance costs are charged as they are;

5. The labor is free during the maintenance period, and the wearing parts are charged according to the standard (the list of wearing parts and the replacement schedule are provided within one week after the contract is determined);

6. After the one-year maintenance period, both parties sign a maintenance contract, and the fee will be negotiated separately.

Note: When the user informs us to maintain, the fault details, contact number, detailed address and contact person should be provided as much as possible. Sales service line: 0752-2099872 E-mail:

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